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Weekend / Body Sugaring, Sugar of the Nile

Nov 3,4 2012/ February 9,10 2013/ May 4,5 2013/ August 17,18 2013/ November 2,3 2013


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Course Length

2 Days. Sat. - Sun. 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Sign up for a hands-on, two day training class. Our classes are conducted by a certified Sugar of the Nile Professional Body Sugaring Educator. Within the 12 hour (two day) session, students will learn the all natural ancient art of permanent body hair removeal required for certification. In addition, students will learn the theory behind sugaring and how it can benefit their clients, as well as learn professional etiquette. Training manuals provided. Starter kits available. Hair removal using body sugar leaves the skin exfoliated, with a clean healthy glow. The skin is free of nicks or cuts, which may result from shaving. In comparison to waxing, sugaring removes hair from the root with no breakage, and the skin is left in a much healthier state.

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