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Weekend / Airbrush Makeup

September 8,9 2012/ March 23,24 2013/ September 7,8 201


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Course Length

2 Days. Sat - Sun, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm Exam 5:30pm

Experience the latest evolution of makeup application and learn the fine art of applying it. Airbrushing is the delivery of liquid pigment to a variety of surfaces using an air compression system. You are virtually spraying out makeup through a fine mist. The paint pigment becomes "atomized" and the result is a phenomenally smooth and consistent application. It also allows the artist to layer the makeup. There is a depth and volume of colour that is more difficult to replicate with traditional methods. Airbrushing delivers a refined texture, works well for problem skin and wears longer than traditional make-up. This latest technique is being used in all make-up mediums (i.e. fashion, television, film). Students will learn how to maintain the equipment and learn the technique and pressure for perfect application that focuses on beauty. Model required for exam Sun. afternoon.

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